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November 29, 2003

youthlib.com is mine!

Hooray! My good friend mph has just helped me purchase youthlib.com, which will become my new domain name.

I brainstormed over a hundred domain names before selecting this one. Unfortunately, my top pick, youthliberation.org was already taken. I was really surprised by how many of the obvious YL names were already taken -- and not being used, simply sat upon by companies that hope to sell them for an unreasonable profit.

A bunch of the obvious choices that were already taken: youthliberation, youthpower, youthrevolution, youthfreedom, youthjustice, youthfuture, kidliberation, kidlib, teenpower, radicalyouth, powertoyouth, adultism, smashadultism, agelessbeing, agelesssociety.

It’s not that big a deal, really. When I do a google search on “youth liberation”, the only two sites that have really good names seem to be freechild.org and youthrights.org. Knowing that, youthlib.com will do just fine.

Just for the historical record, here are all of the vaguely plausible website names that I brainstormed:


youth liberation
youth lib

youth power
youth revolution
youth rebellion
youth resistance
youth resist
youth fight
youth fight back

teen liberation
teen power
teen revolution
teen rebellion

kid liberation
kid lib
kid power
kid revolution

child rights
children’s rights


youth activist
youth freedom
youth rights
youth equality
youth justice
youth victory
youth culture
youth future
youth vanguard
youth underground
youth heroes
youth hammer

youth lib HQ
youth lib tools
youth lib theory
youth theory
youth think

YL theory
YL toolbox
YL think tank
youth led activism
youth led revolution

youth oppression
youth against adultism
youth are not property
youth won’t obey

radical youth
radical youth lib
radical youth liberation


age abolition
age equality
age bender
age rebel
age traitor
age lines
ageless being
ageless society
ageless justice

fight adultism
end adultism
smash adultism
against adultism
fight adult control

adult supremacism
adult tyranny
adult oppression
adult abuse of power
adults don’t deserve power
adults are not better
adults aren’t perfect
abolish adulthood
end adulthood
adult ally

4. MISC.

respect youth
youth are people
youth are equals
youth are oppressed
free youth
young people unite
by youth for youth
justice for youth
youth need power
power to youth
power to the youth
generation revolution
blueprint for revolution

tools for youth liberation
tools for yl
youth tools

end childhood
children are the present
older is not better

sven’s think tank
think tank

Posted by Sven at November 29, 2003 06:05 PM