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December 07, 2003

10 minutes on "Why should I care about YL?"

I'm awfully interested in writing process. Here's an experiment where I've set a timer, and will now write for 10 minutes.

My friend gl. has suggested that I need to put together some introductory documents about YL. Ideally, perhaps a "read me first" document, like you find when you open up new software. I haven't conceptualized just how to do that yet.

...However, I do have three bits that seem like they might go toward the front, were I to be creating a longer work:

  1. Reasons why people want to avoid thinking about youth rights issues
  2. Common objections to YL
  3. Why progressives should care about YL

Items two and three on that list have already been written -- I just need to dig them out. I think what gl. really had in mind, though, would be titled "Why should I care about YL?" That's more general than what I have for item three, I realize now that I think about it.

So, brainstorming: "Why should I care about YL?"

  1. Because YL attempts to address the root causes of child abuse
  2. Because if you care about the civil rights of other groups, you should care about youth rights
  3. The oppression that youth suffer shapes the people that they'll be as adults
  4. In some ways, adultism is a model for how other oppressions function

[Out of time!]

Posted by Sven at December 7, 2003 07:13 PM


hee! took you a while to get to the "why should i care about yl?" bit, but i think the timed exercise is a good one. it's enough to be interested in where it will go from here but this feels like a pause, like a breath after a sentence which allows someone else to speak if they have something to say. (i don't, obviously, but i'm hoping someone else does. :)

Posted by: gl. at December 9, 2003 05:32 AM