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December 15, 2003

Draft homepage for youthlib.com

[This is a first draft of what the youthlib.com homepage might look like.]

tools for youth liberation activists

This website contains original essays about Adultism and Youth Liberation. Youth activists and adult allies are the intended audience. My hope is to inspire readers to start new direct action groups based on the Youth Liberation model -- and to help existing groups thrive.

About youthlib.com


1. How to Fight Adultism [read this first]
A short introduction to "adultism" and "youth liberation" activism.

2. Youth or Adult?
Who counts as a "young person"? Who as an "adult"?

3. Adultism - The Oppression of Young People
What is "adultism"? What does it look like? What is its cause?

4. Youth Liberation Movement
Criteria for deciding if a group is an example of Youth Liberation.

5. Adults as Allies
How can adults help the Youth Liberation movement?

6. Relating Adultism to Other Oppressions
How is adultism similar to racism, sexism, classism, etc.?


Short entries. A frequently updated journal about my thoughts on Youth Liberation.

The Generator
Long semi-polished essays. This is where rough drafts first get posted -- including ones that don't make it onto youthlib.com.

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